We provide the high quality service on board Eurostar trains in all classes of service: Business Premiere, Standard Premiere and Standard class.


We offer at seat service in Business Premier and Standard Premier where the food offer is curated by Raymond Blanc OBE. Our knowledgeable team provides the meal service including complimentary champagne and wines.


Cafe Metropole, our bar concept on board, offers a wide range of products from ambient snacks to freshly served baguettes for sale for our Standard Class customers.


Dedicated to our Business premier and Carte Blanche customers, the Business Premier Lounge located in Paris, London and Brussels welcomes customers after check in and before boarding their train.


Customers can relax or work in the lounge while enjoying a light breakfast, a freshly made smoothie or even a cocktail depending on the time of the day.


Momentum provides the service and food offered in the lounges. We also have a team of expert mixologists who prepare delightful cocktails.


Within the Eurostar Terminal, our friendly team in the stations of Amsterdam and Rotterdam welcomes customers at check–in and provides special assistance for customers with disability or reduced mobility.